Welcome to Tammela

Tammela is a unique place in Finland. Here you can experience the grandeur of nature and the rich cultural environment of Häme at a glance. Tammela is nestled in the natural scenery of Southern Finland, and a home to 6,001 residents. The city is located about an hour's drive from Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere. Here you'll cherish both the calmness of natural parks as well as the dynamic business culture of Häme. Come visit us and get to know the happy people of Tammela!


Contact Details

Town hall:
Hakkapeliitantie 2
31300 Tammela

Opening hours: 
Monday 10 am – 4 pm
Tuesday–Friday 9 am – 2.30 pm

(03) 41 201
(Reaching out to us outside Finland, replace the first zero with +358.)

Official email: 
[email protected]

Invoicing address: 
Tammelan kunta
PL 807
00074 CGI

Invoicing email address:
[email protected]



Tammela's unique character welcomes all to participate in building an environment suited for residents and visitors alike. The city offers a range of opportunities for living and housing, as well as many options for those just passing by or looking for a place to stay during a holiday season.

In Tammela we want to foster all life. Taking into account the environment within and beyond is our mission. Tammela is a home for two national parks, Liesjärvi National Park, and Torronsuo National Park. By taking care of nature we set an example to everyone in the efforts to combat climate change.




The Tammela municipal area offers a vibrant environment for entrepreneurs, and opportunities for work and well-being along fast transport routes. The development of business life, municipal services, and the countryside are important goals for us.

Tammela offers a number of services to residents and businesses, and is involved in a wide range of cooperation networks and projects that support entrepreneurship and business vitality. Tammelan Yrittäjät ry is actively involved in addressing issues related to the vitality of the municipality in cooperation with local authorities. Every other month we organize Entrepreneurs' Morning Coffee for Entrepreneurs, which provides a room for dialogue between the decision makers and companies of Tammela.

Our employment services aim to prevent the exclusion caused by long-term unemployment and to ensure the pathways of the unemployed to working life and education in a customer-oriented manner.



Things to do

We feel a city’s well-being is determined by its people. Therefore our mission is to enrich community well-being by providing services favored by the townsfolk. Those looking for sports can enjoy a number of our indoor and outdoor sports venues ranging from sports fields and tennis courts to fitness tracks and skating rinks.

Tammela is also known for its distinct culture, attributed by vibrant activities of local associations. Numerous cultural sites, museums, and recreational services contribute to the quality of life for everyone. Nature trails are abundant here. One of our most famous landmarks is the Torro chapel and Kaukolanharju observation tower, which offers an astonishing view over the Saari Folk Park.




Tammela offers education on various levels. Daycare and basic education is arranged by the municipality. We are eager to promote childrens’ opportunities for pursuing a good life, and thus want to meet their educational needs. Tammela is proud to have been twice awarded the UNICEF Child-Friendly Municipality logo.

Upper secondary education is offered by The Upper Secondary School of Forssa, which enables students to apply to all forms of higher education. In art education, Tammela operates closely with the Southwest Häme Music College, and the Forssa School of Fine Arts. Citizens' college services are provided by the Wahren College in Forssa, which offers opportunities to learn and try new things for everyone.




The story of Tammela dates back to the Middle Ages. In the 16th century Tammela was a parish under the administrator consisting of the contemporary cities of Forssa and Somero, as well as the municipalities of Jokioinen, Humppila, Tammela, and Ypäjä.

A significant factor in the settlement of Tammela has been the Oxen Road of Tavastia. It became a significant traffic route and an important trade route from Turku Castle to Häme Castle. Back then the most prominent industry was exporting fur riches of Häme through the ports of Aura River and Halikonlahti all the way to Europe – and importing Western influences in return.

Tammela is also known for the Hakkapeliitta, Finnish light cavalrymen in the service of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden during the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648). Honoring their memory, a statue has been erected in front of Tammela's greystone church.

During the 19th and 20th centuries Tammela became a prominent agricultural center. From 1840 The Mustiala Institute of Agriculture provided the highest agricultural education in Finland for almost 70 years, and is still in operation. However, at the outset of the 1900s the demographic structures between Forssa and Tammela deviated, resulting in turning the village of Forssa into an independent town in 1923.